Join us on Friday, January 30 for a full day of Drupal trainings!

Each workshop is offered by our training partners for only the cost of running the event and providing lunch to attendees. Don't miss this unmatched opportunity to jump-start or expand your knowledge of Drupal.

Trainings will be held at the Princeton University OIT offices at 701 Carnegie Center, and run all day, so please only register for one class.

Register for a training

During this intensive one day class you will learn just how much you can do by installing and configuring Drupal's contributed modules. By the time the class is finished, you will have built a mock client site that includes common, dynamically controlled requirements.

Come learn the basics of the module development in Drupal 8.  We will step through making a simple but useful module for Drupal 8.

Learn how to leverage Drupal 8's APIs and to extend and customize the behavior of Drupal core or important contributes modules by writing your own custom modules.

The training for project managers is similar to an intro course, and covers some of the same material. It focuses on teching you how to develop requirements and manage a Drupal project.

Note: This training has several requirements. Please read the prerequisites below carefully.