A Greener DrupalCamp NJ

As we planned this year’s camp, the devastating effects of climate change dominated the news. We’re a small camp with a limited budget, but we wanted to make sure we did what we could. Here’s what we did in 2020 to keep DrupalCamp NJ accountable:

  • We don’t generally give out too much swag, and when we do, we stick to something useful. We picked something small and useful this year - hand sanitizer! Also useful for the current cold season. It’s alcohol based, no harmful micro-beads. 
  • When we realized that all of the hand sanitizers came in individually wrapped bags, we reached out to customer service to request that our order not include the individual bagging. Unfortunately, they were not able to fulfill this request, BUT, some of the organizers live in towns that accept plastic bags for recycling, so we will have a bin set up where you can deposit your plastic for recycling!
  • When we designed our t-shirts, we don’t put the year, so that we can give them out in subsequent years, preventing waste! 
  • This year we chose the Hanes Eco 50/50 brand t shirts, which are made with material from recycled plastic bottles. 
  • We purchased carbon offsets and planted one tree per attendee to help offset the impact of the camp - you can see our impact here: https://offset.earth/drupalcampnj
  • At the end of the conference, if you don't want your badge, please recycle it. If you don't want your lanyard, please return it to the registration desk - we'll have a box for them.