Our full-day training programs can help you sharpen your skills, develop new insights, and tap into a support network for your Drupal projects. 

Taught by industry experts, these classes are an excellent value for $85. The trainings will be held on Friday, February 2 at 701 Carnegie Center in Princeton, New Jersey. Breakfast and lunch are included in the ticket price. 


  • 9:00 am – Check-in and Breakfast
  • 9:30 am – Classes begin
  • Noon – Lunch
  • 5 pm. – Classes end

Hands-on Introduction to Drupal 8 (Beginner)

Trainer: Suzanne Dergacheva, Evolving Web

Drupal is a powerful platform for creating websites and managing content. For those new to Drupal, starting your first project usually comes with a steep learning curve. This course will give you an introduction to Drupal so you can get up-to-speed quickly. We'll cover fundamental Drupal concepts and terminology and give you the hands-on experience you need to get comfortable using Drupal.

In the morning, we'll cover key concepts and run through the basics of managing content. In the afternoon, we'll form groups and you'll get a chance to put your knowledge into practice on a real project.

Learning Objectives

You'll come away from the course with knowledge of:

  • Drupal concepts and terminology
  • The benefits and challenges of using Drupal
  • The process of creating a Drupal 8 website
  • Drupal core functionality and how to use contributed modules
  • Confidence to dive deeper into Drupal 8
  • What’s easy and what’s difficult with Drupal


  • Installing Drupal
  • Drupal 8 concepts and terminology
  • Creating content types and using fields
  • Using taxonomy, and menus to structure your site
  • Managing users and permissions
  • Creating a layout with blocks
  • Organizing your content with Views
  • Hands-on project

Introduction to User Experience Design

Trainer: Ben Bakelaar, Human Experience Systems

A mature ecosystem of platforms, products, and libraries are available for rapid functionality development and interface layout. But too often this speed of building comes at the expense of a good user experience. Problems that seem trivial on a blank slate become sticky, thorny, or even frustrating as the end of the project cycle nears. In this 1-day workshop, learn to employ the UX design process to save time, make clients happier, and deliver better experiences.

SEO Your Drupal 8 Site in a Day

Trainer: Ben Finklea, Volacci

Can you afford to have a website that doesn’t rank well in Google?

Search Engine Optimization is a key part of the success of any Drupal website. It’s not trickery or magic—it’s simply making sure that your website communicates properly with Google and your audience.

With recent releases, Drupal 8 is ready for the SEO prime-time but it’s difficult to know which modules to use and exactly how to configure them for your site. That’s where this class comes in! Join Ben Finklea, author of Drupal 8 SEO and creator of the Drupal SEO Checklist, for a daylong, hands-on, get it done NOW event.

The goal of the class is to show marketers how to achieve SEO results with Drupal 8 with minimal need for developer help. This class is exactly how I’d execute on-page SEO for a client.

You’ll start with your “unoptimized” Drupal 8 website and go step-by-step to turn it into a properly SEOed Drupal 8 website. We’ll cover things like redirects, URLs, paths, meta tags, sitemaps, handling broken links, fixing SEO problems before they start, and optimizing content for specific keywords.

How can we do so much in a single day? This class is about hands-on tasks rather than long-winded explanations. As such, it’s great if you have some general knowledge of SEO before you come. If you don’t, you will still get a lot out of the class but you may feel a little lost at times. Don’t worry, though! 

Attendees will receive a free print copy of Ben’s book, Drupal 8 SEO—a $59.95 value—and two free half-hour followup consultations with Ben in the month following the class.

Object Oriented PHP

Trainers: Nick Selvaggio & Michael Marzovilla, Sego Solutions

Our OO PHP curriculum will be focused on beginner PHP developers with little or no experience with OO principles. We will take students through all the core pillars of OO programming. We will start with general knowledge applicable to all OO environments and further focus on PHP specifics. We will end with an introduction to some core Drupal concepts and how they relate to the OO foundation we poured during the day.

Actionable Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

Trainer: Ray Saltini, FFW

With so much emphasis on tooling and building, and forever chasing the next feature, it is easy to forget the importance of continually evaluating your existing architecture and practices to improve customer experience.

This class builds on our experiences helping clients develop successful strategies by auditing their content, architecture, and infrastructure to identify opportunities to improve journeys, conversions, and reliability.

We will cover:

  • How to catalog your content and identify gaps and opportunities
  • UX strategies to improve SEO and conversions
  • Accessibility planning and compliance
  • What to expect from a security audit and how to navigate security certifications
  • Auditing for practical, actionable strategies to improve performance