From super nerd to super hero: maximize your impact and grow your career


  • Chris Greatens

Being a Drupal developer is exciting! There is an endless supply of new modules and themes to discover, new techniques to apply, and new technologies to tinker with. A person can have a truly fulfilling career by being just a technologist. 

But, what if you want more? What if you want to become more than an individual contributor? What if you want to increase the impact you have on your organization? The skills you need to grow in this direction are learnable just like the technical skills you have already acquired. Join us as we discuss how we have grown our careers and share the key principles that have shaped our career paths. Learn how to maximize your impact and grow your career.


Anyone attending this session will learn:

  • The mindset and skills needed to be an impact player
  • The key principles of leadership and how to apply them
  • The importance of selling and how to sell without being a salesperson

Who Should Attend

  • Everyone


A desire to grow your career