Test Driven Development in Real Life

This session will

  1. Talk about the benefits and risks of using Behat Tests in your day to day Drupal development practices.
  2. Walk through setting up Behat Tests, from scratch, as a live demo. A breakdown of how to really get started
  3. What it means to embrace true Test Driven Development.
  4. Examples of thorough test suites for complex web applications built in Drupal.
  5. Demonstration of the new DevShop Behat Extension which simplifies setup and adds helpful steps, and the DevShop Composer Template which includes it for a working, testable, composer based Drupal build out of the box.
  6. How to create Pull-Request generated environments and run Behat tests automatically using open source DevShop.

A variations of this session was given at Cornell DrupalCamp, it can be watched here: https://camp.drupal.cornell.edu/sessions/get-behat-tests-bandwagon 


Who Should Attend

  • Everyone


Attendees should have some kind of interest in keeping their website working well. Behat is written in plain english, so most everyone involved in the website development, site building, content editing, or long term maintenance of Drupal websites can contribute to Test Driven Development.


  • Jon Pugh