Zivtech designs and builds innovative websites, web applications, and infrastructure using best-of-breed open source software (OSS) tools including Drupal, Node.js, and Sass.

Our team is constantly striving to improve collaboration between cross functional DevOps teams to improve the development process. As a result, we created our continuous integration and quality assurance product, Probo.CI. Probo automates every build from the time you push each and every change. Pull requests automatically trigger a Probo build and provide a link to a working version that you can share with any member of your team or QA staff. Probo ensures that every member of your team is involved in the development process from start to finish. 

Zivtech works with clients ranging from internet startups, to large non-profits, to Fortune 500 companies. We strive to help each of our clients leverage the many advantages that open source offers.