McDonnell - 103A

Capacity = 30

Securing Drupal's Auto-Update Infrastructure

The #1 reason site administrators desire auto-update support is security. Yet, automatically replacing the code of a site from a remote source creates its own security risks. In this presentation, we will present the security design for Drupal's auto-update infrastructure. From offline root keys to verification on PHP 5.x, we've balanced strength, flexibility, and compatibility to deliver a system that can support the project's future without neglecting its legacy.

All things HAX

Headless Authoring eXperience (HAX) is a web component based text editor that works across multiple versions of Drupal and beyond. Let's get together to help work through any questions people have associated with HAX, how it works, road map, how to extend it, how to get started, what platforms it supports and where it needs to go to better meet the needs of the community. Members of the core team will be on hand to facilitate discussion, show sites built in HAX / HAXcms and answer questions.

How to prevent losing money resulting from poor pre-sales scoping

Discussion topics

  • Clients expect discovery to be done for free without realizing how it affects scoping quality and subsequent delivery quality. 

  • Clients collect pitches and force multiple shops doing the same scoping effort for them upfront. 

  • How can we consistently sell discovery? 

    • Holistic estimating to set projects up for success? 

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