Life on the Edge 2024: Advances and Gotchas

As more code moves to the edge, what's the state of building the best possible sites with Drupal?

This presentation will cover:

  • Traditional CDN implementations and where they remain strong, especially for Drupal sites
  • The latest edge coding tech from Cloudflare, Fastly, AWS, Azure, and Google
  • What delivers productivity, performance, and scale (at a reasonable cost) using the above
  • Where different security attacks are best mitigated (edge vs. load balancer vs. origin)
Time Slot
4:00pm to 4:45pm (3/15/24)
Bowl 002 (Level 0)
Session Category
Development & Performance
Who Should Attend
Back-end Developers
Front-end Developers
Site Builders
Sys Admins

Some familiarity with PHP and page caching.

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