Practical CS: Design Patterns that elevate your Drupal Development

Level up your web development skills by embracing design patterns  — the tried-and-true solutions to those coding conundrums we all face. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to organized, reusable, and easily maintainable code, all while boosting teamwork, readability, and easy troubleshooting.

This is a session of practical computer science, where we demystify design patterns in the context of Drupal and Symfony. Explore how these patterns seamlessly integrate into your everyday custom code, unraveling the mysteries of:

  • Common pitfalls in object-oriented programming and why mastering new patterns is your next step forward.
  • Organizing complex types with Creational Design Patterns: Think Factories and the Singleton pattern!
  • Channeling the power of Behavior Design Patterns in Drupal: Let's talk Observers and unleash the magic of Event-Based Actions.
  • Get ready for the spotlight: Real-life examples that'll supercharge your next project.

This session is for developers who regularly write and contribute to Drupal modules and are interested in new ways to architecture and organize their work. We're dishing out real-world examples and captivating programming showcases that will have you exploring design patterns in ways that are both enjoyable and enlightening.

Time Slot
2:00pm to 2:45pm (3/15/24)
Bowl 002 (Level 0)
Session Category
Development & Performance
Who Should Attend
Back-end Developers

Familiarity with object oriented programming is required to fully participate in this session. Examples of PHP code will be shared but concepts apply to any OOP language.

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