Stupendous Date Tricks

Managing dates and times is often complex: recurring events, timezones, daylight savings times, regional formatting conventions, and more. Add in additional presentation requirements like add-to-calendar links, registration links, and related content (like agendas, that change for each date instance) and the complexity can seem bewildering.

Fortunately Drupal offers a rich toolset for solving these challenges. In this session we'll explore the solutions, not only showing how they work, but also detailing the modules and the configuration needed.

During the session we'll take a fresh install of Drupal 10 and configure it to meet some advanced use cases, in real time.

Time Slot
11:00am to 11:45pm (3/15/24)
Classroom 023 (Level 0)
Session Category
Development & Performance
Who Should Attend
Back-end Developers
Site Builders

Basic site building knowledge will be helpful.

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