Sheza Munir

Sheza Munir

I'm Sheza Munir, a passionate researcher from Pakistan currently pursuing a Master's in Health Informatics with a Data Science focus at the University of Michigan. My academic journey includes a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from LUMS. My professional experience spans roles such as a Flutter Engineer at WeOverI and an Open Source Fellow at MLH Fellowship. As a Graduate Student Instructor at UMSI, I am mentoring over 100 students through a journey of Git, Shell and Servers. My research contributions include spearheading the creation of a speech training dataset for deepfake detection at CSALT LUMS and designing 'Aarzu,' a physical therapy application for patients with disabilities. With proficiency in Python, C++, SQL, and various frameworks, I am excited to share insights from my diverse experiences in web accessibility, emphasizing inclusive design and accessible technology for a more equitable digital future in my session.

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